From 1927-1937, Catalina Island was home to a pottery factory that  made unique pieces in vibrant colors. Using red clay and mineral oxides (for the glazes), the pottery was originally made using only materials native to Catalina Island. In 1932, the native red clay was replaced with white clay imported to the island and continued to produce thousands of pieces per week in its heyday. In 1937, the entire operation was sold to the Gladding McBean company and moved to Los Angeles, continuing its production of the "Catalina Pottery" until 1941.

Collectors of pottery and lovers of the island and its rich history have treasured the pieces for decades. While production has ceased and the factory closed, the original pieces continue to be highly sought after ad offer the owner a chance to truly have a piece of Catalina's history.


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Women working at the

Original Catalina Pottery Factory

on Catalina Island.



Our Current Selection of Pottery January 2016